NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Stop Counting Yourself Out!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Stop Counting Yourself Out!

Dear Readers,

I am writing this special note from the editor to show what can happen in a small amount of time when you refocus your energy.


So much has changed since I came to this city/town in 2011. I must say my sense of hope and blind optimism has diminished. Here I am in 2017, 5 or so years later feeling I have nothing to show for it. Some of this has to do wth issues I feel I have yet to deal with…How do I change who I am, so I feel like I am being good at life or just feel like a normal person? Is that even possible in today’s world? Can social media really allow people to feel like their lives are normal or truly possess that feeling of being content? That seems impossible…I am always trying to get back to this place where I am focused confident and determined. Optimistic and believing that why BIG crazy ass dreams are capable of coming true. But did I ever really feel that way?…So many questions.

That was an excerpt from a journal post. I wrote the day after an event that showed me that everything has changed and it may be time to switch things up.

Now, fast forward 2 months later, I am in a completely different space. And I am on a path of reevaluation of myself and I want to share something I have learned and has truly helped me during this weird transition time.

Now, let me explain how I came to this.

I have recently been blessed with opportunities that can elevate my career. Freelance gigs that are in my expertise, and to some degree on my own terms. And let me tell you something, this is one of the goals I have set for myself since I was a senior in high school:

  • I want a profession that allows me to be creative, expressive, and flexible
  • Make a difference for the generations behind me
  • My work to allow me to so something different every day and ultimately travel for work

And more recently in 2012, when I was starting Masconsumption, I said I wanted my work to be a sort of resume for the future employment opportunities. Mind you, I had no idea what that really meant. Or what role or anything I was looking for really. I was just following my passions.

Now it came through. People are reaching out to me due to reading Masconsumption and following the brand on social media. I am getting offers. But, I hesitate on taking them. I quickly tell myself, you can not do this, think of the impossible workload, meetings, who are you kidding, you are not qualified, you do not have discipline, etc.

I start thinking of excuses on why I should not respond to these emails. And then my friend, Brittany sends me a text:

I want to do another Britt Bites cleanse. 4/14-5/15…

And then a couple days later my boyfriend shares the following sentiments:

I want to make changes to my lifestyle, you know I think it is time for some change.

I replied to Brittany’s text, I’m down! And then, something clicked. I was really starting to think in ways I never have.


Nothing is holding me back from this goal I set for myself so many years ago. Except for me!  I am counting myself out before I even fucking try. I am holding my own self back. Me!?

Do you know how silly that is? I am going to look back and be like I let time go by and wasted so many opportunities because…of me. 

You’d be surprised at how much you can get in the way of your own success. And for me, the way I was doing that was calming negative statements like, you don’t have discipline. Who says I do not have discipline? Me.

It is clear that someone believes in my ability if they took the time to reach out to me for my services. So, why am I counting myself out? That led me to want to make major changes in my lifestyle, starting with the Britt Bites cleanse. I no longer accept the fact that I do not have control over my own body.

In a short time since re-focusing my energy, my career is now flourishing in ways I could never expect, and my approach is completely different. And I am in a better space mentality. It is all about growing as a person and accepting bad traits about yourself. And that is ok. I told my sister Nakia, who like all of my family has always been extremely supportive, that this is the most confident I have felt in my career path in years. Having this disposition has somehow opened up, even more, opportunities because I feel so damn good.

What also helped was sharing my journey during a presentation and on the Daze Summit My Writing, My Website panel curated by Who Did You Meet? and moderated by my good friend, Marie David.

So, all of you artists, creative types, entrepreneurs, and more out there, OWN IT!

Best of luck, and thank you to all of my colleagues, future colleagues, and people who have believed in my journey!

Participate in the Britt Bites cleanse, like the Facebook page!

Written by Patricia Rogers






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