A Poetic Collaboration of 100 Year Old House Participants

Last year, First UU Church of Essex, home of the HUUB space, celebrated their 125th anniversary with a 100 Year House Conference, which also highlighted the many homes in Orange that are over 1o0 years old. Bette Bland, who is always on hand to provide poetry and self-expression activities, led a collaborative effort that afternoon, and this is the result:

A Poetic Collaboration of 100 Year Old House Participants

We are ancestors in waiting


A vision so inspired

The course of your life may be changed forever

Be forewarned you may never leave Orange!

Orange residents’

Love of the place

Make the city a community land trust

A beloved treasure.

The “New America”!

You have to stand up and be counted


Pat who saved Orange

Pat who worries about old frame houses


Mindy who captures what is needed when it is needed


Ana Baptista who talked of master plans


We spoke of

Home, Orange, often misunderstood but forever loved.

No storm, no foe will…Take it away!

What a perfect day!





Read event recap from 100 Year House Celebration here.

Read more from our poetry/book contributor Bette Bland here. 

For more information on poetry, spoken word and what will ultimately become Orange Speaks! Please feel free to contact Bette, or myself, valley.zine.editor@gmail.com



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