Amplifying Youth Voices Community Forum April 1st @ the HUUB

We are inviting high school aged students to a day of listening, learning, and most importantly fun! Asset-mapping with the Nishuane Group, Meta-Theatre pizza and more at the HUUB 1:30-4:30p.m., For more information, or to get involved please contact, Patricia Rogers


Amplifying Youth Voices

Amplifying Youth voices is a series of youth-centered forums for adolescents to let their voices be heard. The forums will provide a safe space for collective recovery and address the feelings of disconnectedness that has stemmed from the increase in community violence. Increasing civic participation and reinforcing community resilience amongst youth is our way of mending those broken ties, but it will require the collaboration of community partners outside the school walls. The forums will serve as an assembling of resources amongst relational networks to collaboratively foster healing, promote posttraumatic resilience and inform youth of service opportunities throughout the city. The 2017 Youth Community Forum Series will encourage collaborative envisioning, community mobilization and help guide youth violence prevention by providing students with an opportunity to share their insight.

Forum I- April 1, 2017

Location: 35 Cleveland Street. Orange, NJ The HUUB, First Unitarian Church

Time: 1:30-4:30

Forum I Features:

  • Community organizer, Dawan Alford of Hands Inc and Patricia Rogers of Masconsumpotion media will facilitate dialogue and listening sessions for youth participants.
  • The Nishuane Group, a consulting firm being charged to lead the city’s strategic planning process, will host an envisioning session for youth to participate. The feedback contributes to the city’s decisions about development, commercial districts, roads, parks and other public areas of Orange.
  • Also invited is the Meta Theatre Company (MTC), who creates interactive theatre for communities to share experiences, heal and grow.  All of MTC’s work is original, and written by a cast inside and outside the prison walls. MTC uses theatre as a tool to expand critical thinking, learn new skills, and change laws that are blocking justice. They will engage youth in acting out community situations to provide a better understanding of the experiences of our young people in Orange.

This is the first event of its kind and that makes it hard to project how many people will attend. Nonetheless, based off our interactive session held at the OHS, where we wanted to gauge if this was something students would be interested in, over 75 students attended. Based off the feedback we received, we are expecting 50-75 participants for the upcoming event, given the only real concern, it being away outside of school grounds.






Written by Dawan Alford and Patricia Rogers






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