#DazeSummit – My Website, My Writing Panel


On April 9th, I have the pleasure of sitting on a panel for Daze Summit. This spring a group of creative doers like myself are hosting a summit for young professional, including a show, two panels on blogging and podcasts and a Who Did You Meet? networking event. It is going to be pretty dope! Find out more information here.

My Website, My Writing Panel
For me, this is a great opportunity to work with my sister, good friend Marie David who is hosting the panel and share my story! As a journalist, I am always asking people to tell me their stories, but now I get to do the same! I can not wait, and hope my journey inspires someone to pursue their dreams!

About Daze Summit:
Daze Summit was created by Scott Morris as an effort to not only showcase music artist but to also raise funds to provide scholarships for high school students who would like to attend college.

The panel is on Day Four of the Summit, April 9, 17 11a.m.-12p.m., more details on location to be announced!

More information http://www.dazesummit.com


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