An Address to my Antagonizers By Taiwo Odunowo

Taiwo Odunowo, 17, student

An Address to my Antagonizers

Yes, I want to become auspicious; not inauspicious.
Yes, I want to have riches and wealth, but I’m not an avarice; my ambition, determination, perseverance, and will are beyond your feeble human mind so I wouldn’t expect you to comprehend nor perceive.
You oppose me for the success I had, and for the one coming to the past; oh how indeed a haughty you truly are.
You allowed your wish to overshadow your reality, now you criticize me for differentiating the two.
You have been obsequious to comfort, while I run away from it as if I was dripping in blood, being chased by the devil’s hounds that haven’t feed in a millennium.
You require the same necessities as I do for survival; so what gave you the gunpowder to be supercilious?
Rather than compete against me in the thrilling race of life, you rather try to shoot me down with disdain.
How sorrowful I feel for you; for you are nothing more than a pusillanimous.

By Taiwo Odunowo, 17 Orange High School student from Nigeria



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