My friendship with Brittany is exactly why it is so important to have “friendship evolutions”. Over the last 3 years, she has introduced me to so many things, music, food, and most importantly to me, t.v. shows. She also is a food blogger who I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many times. We’ve obsessed over Girls, Broad City, and more. For a long time, she hounded me to watch Bojack Horseman, and I have to say it is one of the best things I have ever done (I am very dramatic). One of the other HUUB community listening fellows, Holly

One of the other HUUB community listening fellows, Holly Barscz was also a fan and I could not wait to ask her to contribute to this month’s, WHAT WE LOVE: BOJACK HORSEMAN.

Contributor: Holly Barszcz



Contributor: Holly Barszcz

Patricia Rogers: What makes this show different that other adult cartoons?

Holly Barszcz: I think it’s fun that half of the characters are anthropomorphic and half are regular humans, creating this wacky alternate reality where they are able to play around with puns and stereotypes in new and nuanced ways.

Do you, if at all, identify with Bojack?

I can’t say that I strongly identify with BoJack, but he deals with issues, some serious and others rather trivial, that are part of the human condition. We all have our own issues with family, careers, and relationships, and have been through periods where we doubt ourselves, have existential crises, and self-sabotage. He tends to get a bit extreme and spiral because he is an egotistical alcoholic, but he is ultimately relatable on some base level. 

Some people have a hard time getting into it at first, why do you think that is?

Bojack is not a particularly likable character, and his lifestyle in Hollywood is different from what normal people experience, so I can see why folks have a hard time with it at first. He’s a middle-aged washed out actor and a pretty terrible, self-obsessed person all around, but if you can accept that and find the humor in it, the show is really clever. As you watch more and get a better idea of the complexities of the characters, you start to sympathize with them, despite how foreign they and their problems might seem at the beginning.


Themes/characters that stick out to you

I have to say that I like Diane and Princess Carolyn (a pink cat) a lot because they are real, strong women who deal with issues that women face all the time. They are driven and passionate about their work (as a writer/journalist and talent agent, respectively) and deal with sexism and frustrating people as we all have to in the real world. They grow a lot over the course of the show and learn to do what is best for them and make those hard decisions. Todd is also a great character, a lovable, good-intentioned friend of BoJack who gets into weird situations and is often forgotten or under appreciated by BoJack.

The cast: I personally love Will Arnett, and most of the guest actors and supporting actors — is there anyone in the cast/crew that drew you to the show?

I also love Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris, so I guess they are what drew me to the show initially. They are great actors and especially great voice, actors.

Death, depression, and sadness: talk about how this is a theme and the show and might’ve affected you

The show can get pretty serious pretty quickly, and it deals with the psychology of these characters really well. Because the show focuses a lot on the characters’ sadness and depression it stands out from other shows in my mind. In some ways, with cartoons, you can watch the characters live their emotions more thoroughly than in live-action shows, which for me makes this show more interesting and gripping.

Contributor: Brittany Craig

What makes this show different that other adult cartoons?

Unlike most adult cartoons like the Simpsons/Family Guy/South Park, etc. Bojack isn’t all fun and games and many of the issues him and his friends don’t always have their problems solution ed by the end of the episode. The show touches on real issues that we have all faced but through talking animals, which makes it a little lighter.

Do you, if at all, identify with Bojack?

Bojack is a tortured soul just trying to find success and his purpose in life and we’ve all been there at some post in time. I’ve questioned what I’m doing with my life MANY times just like Bojack.

Some people have a hard time getting into it at first, why do you think that is?

It took me a long time to finally sit down and watch the show, mostly because I expected it to be another corny adult cartoon.  And if that’s what you like and you realize that isn’t what Bojack is then it’s time little confusing and off-putting.

What do you like about the show?

Aside from its kind of dark Storyline, I love how the animal. Characters, although are very human often revert to their animal cliches. Like Mr. Peanutbutter chasing the mailman and loving tennis balls, or Princess Caroline always landing on her feet both figuratively and literally.

Themes/characters that stick out to you

One character that just never made sense to me was Princess Caroline’s boyfriend who is actually three little boys in a trench coat. Everyone else was oblivious except for  Bojack

The cast:

Even though he’s annoyingly nice. I really love Mr. Peanutbutter. They did a really good job at keeping making him seem very human while keeping his natural canine traits.

Death, depression, and sadness: talk about how this is a theme and the show and how it might’ve affected you:

I’ve dealt with all these things very recently and at first, it made me sad to watch and hear other people deal with. But at the same time, I’m glad it’s being talked about and that so many people can relate to it, even if most of the characters are animals

Anything you want to add about Bojack:

Just watch it. I promise you’ll fall in love with it

What other shows do you watch?

I just finished Lady Dynamite starring Maria Bamford. She created the show to destigmatize mental illness. She has bipolar depression and anxiety, and the show chronicles her life after being at a mental Institute and getting back into show business.

Fun Fact: Bojack Horseman is Netflix’s first original animated series.

There is so much more to say about this show, look out for more from me and more WHAT WE LOVE segments. 

WHAT WE LOVE is a segment where our editors and readers share some of their obsessions at the moment…books, art, tv shows, movies, etc.

Written by Patricia Rogers & Holly Barszcz & Brittany Craig


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  1. Oh, no…I can’t believe you’ve got me adding a cartoon horse to my already too long Netflix binge-watching, escape from Trumpsville, list!😜

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