Amplifying Youth Voices – Thursday February 13th 3-6p.m. @ Orange High School

Amplifying Youth Voices Session 

Thursday, February 15, 2017, please invite local youth to join Dawan Alford, Dr. Laura Sacks and myself for an introductory session of Amplifying Youth Voices at Orange High School.

amplifyingyouthvoicesflyerIn direct response to the feedback from youth at Teen Summit last fall at Orange High led by Dr. Laura Sacks, and the need for collective recovery. Orange has exhibited a tremendous display of community resilience, given the spike in violence in 2016. While the city explores efforts to prevent future crimes, hurting community members are in need of healing. Trauma based support is important for the entire community, as we all have been affected by the loss of friends, school children and community residents due to gun violence. Hosting a series of youth-centered forums for adolescents and community members can provide a safe space for self-expression through the arts to help ease the tension and explore creative solutions as a collective. The forums will also serve as a rallying of resources amongst relational networks to collaboratively foster healing and promote post-traumatic resilience throughout the city.

Amplifying Youth Voices is a community listening initiative aimed to give young people in Orange a voice and a platform to talk about their experiences and point of view. It is important in these times and as the city of Orange is in a transition, to hear from the future leaders. 

The project is ongoing and still developing. A collaboration with the Heart of Orange, Healthy Orange Coalition, and the HUUB. Myself, and Dawan Alford of HANDS, inc. are working hard with Dr. Laura Sacks to bring these sessions and youth community forums to life. 

The 2017 Youth Community Forum Series will most importantly serve as a collaborative envisioning opportunity to create a community mobilization plan to help guide youth violence prevention and provide students with an opportunity to share their experiences and express feelings of worry, anxiety, fear or other concerns about their safety.

In this political climate, it is very important to speak our truths, raise our voices in a meaningful way. We hope that we can continue to do these Amplifying Youth Voices sessions and youth community forums with all youth in Orange, and neighboring communities who need it.

Upcoming events & more community listening initiatives in Orange, NJ

Don’t Drop the Mic IV showcase at The HUUB 3/3/17

Building Solidarity Potluck Series 3/13/17 at The HUUB

Youth Community Forum 3/25 * more details TBA

Written by Patricia Rogers & Dawan Alford






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  1. Amplify Youth Voices was a great event! The energy and response from the teens were inspiring! Dawan and Patricia in cooperation with Laura Sacks are building a very much needed outlet. Kudos!

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