Valley Gala 2017 [event recap]

Another One in the Books [Valley Gala 2017 recap]

Hip-Hop Summer Series. Portrait of a Lady Runway show. Cupcakes & Champagne Brunch.

There have been many events produced by Masconsumption Media. All adding a spark of energy, and history of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District.

Sunday, January 29, 2017, we continued in that vein with what has become the brand’s signature event. The Valley Gala. The 3rd installment of the “party of the year”, came at a time where the community was in the most unique space it has ever been.

Hat City Kitchen. The venue for the Valley Gala since its inception. With initial support by the former general manager, Mark Lyons. Someone who understood the culture. The food was prepared by Chef Jeff Dorch, also known as Dragon of the West 89. He has always been a long time collaborator. The menu included bacon wrapped and chocolate mousse balls. There were drink specials and course tunes by DJ Anton3z.

The highlight was being able to provide guests with a takeaway experience. Much to my delight, I was able to team up with good friend and collaborator, Gregory Burrus. He co-sponsored Inside Out Booth, photo-booth service.

“Enjoyed Masconsumption Media’s Valley Gala 2017 tremendously. Had a great time meeting and greeting all the folks that showed up from the local community and beyond that came to mix, mingle and support the Masconsumption Media Event. Folks truly enjoyed themselves, especially the great service provided by the Hat City Kitchen staff, the extremely delectable gourmet food provided by Chef Jeff Dorch and the tremendous fun folks had within the Open- Air Photobooth.  As the official event photographer, it was enormous fun to mingle throughout the event, capture folks enjoying themselves and converse and catch up with many not seen since the Valley Gala 2016. I personally can’t wait and am looking forward to Valley Gala2018.” – Gregory Burrus

Allowing guests a takeaway. Inside Out Booth provided photographers, props, backdrops and printouts. I would recommend for any functions and celebration! They were patient and worked with us.

Another special highlight was Jersey Indie’ founder, and my editor, Sonia Schnee bringing her wonderful mother. This was a huge moment for me, and this phase of the Masconsumption brand. My first paid writing gig was for Jersey Indie back in 2016, and the first article I submitted was the event recap of the 2nd annual Valley Gala. My brand’s signature event! I love moments coming full circle. This is what life is all about.

“What a beautiful event! From the moment I walked in, I could tell so much love and passion was put into planning this. Tons of fun. Great music, food, and drinks. (Also, it was a chance to get dressed up and catch everyone’s style!) For someone who’s not from the Valley area, it was a perfect introduction to a vibrant and creative community. Everyone at the event was so outgoing and welcoming that I immediately felt right at home. Check out the next Valley Gala!! It’s a great opportunity to meet the Valley’s creative and talented change-makers and be a part of this awesome scene!” -Sonia Schnee, Jersey Indie founder

This event has always been about nurturing relationships in the community. This could not ring truer than with my professional relationship with DJ Anton3z. We plan to do so much more things in the future. He’s been my go-to DJ for a couple of years now and for multiple events. He is a nice guy, professional, and ambitious. My kind of guy. If you are looking for D.J., feel free to contact me for more information.

3rd time was planned to be a charm, but there were lots more attendees last year in 2016. This event is going to continue to evolve with the neighborhood, community, and relationships within our network.

Many people have boycotted the establishment due to a series of unfortunate events, and I can not blame them. Did it affect the 3rd Annual Valley Gala? Yes. And that is okay. I made what I felt was a good business decision, at the end of the day was does not kill us, makes us stronger. I can not wait to switch up the venue in the future. I hope to do more all around Essex County, and New York City. The brand will now grow bigger than just N.J’s Valley Arts District and expand accordingly.

Now that the event has come and gone, I am ready for a brighter, less drama-filled future. Things are looking great for 2017. There is a lot going on, and projects in the works within the community. You can stay up to date on all of the cool, by signing up for our newsletter, THE SCENE.

I welcome you on the journey of Masconsumption 2.0. Thank you to all for your continued support, and readership.

Special thanks to Gregory Burrus, Shannon Jeff Dorch, Hat City Kitchen, Inside Out Booth, Patrick Hilaire, Mike Malbrough, Mike Griot and Brittany Craig and Nia Williams.

View all official photos from the event here. All taken by Gregory Burrus.

Oh, and I really like this guy!

Written by Patricia Rogers 






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