Phenomenal Woman: Sakatra Fite of Kreye Culture


An Interview with Sakarra Fite of Kreye Culture

It was truly a pleasure meeting Sakarra last year at Don’t Drop the Mic 3 at the HUUB. You can read all about the experience, and how she has inspired me here: (Our Top Inspiring Moments of 2016). Now, you can get to know this phenomenal woman a little more. Read our interview below:

Patricia Rogers: What is Kreye Culture?

Sakarra: well the business name is just KREYE and kreye is a “safe haven” almost for black culture. a variety of programs and events that encourage and empower members of the black community and those who are curious about our rich culture.

What has been your vision for Kreye Culture?

I want Kreye to be a tool. When I think about my community I wish we had more togetherness, I wish we had economic stability, support, and education etc. I envision Kreye creating avenues that fill those voids.

What have been some projects you’ve completed?

We have collaborated with several organizations to do open mic nights, volunteer work to clean up the city of Newark, speed dating, youth summits. independently Kreye hosted a summer program teaching children art and culture, we used our social media to post daily “black facts” something we definitely want to get back to. I’m sureI’m forgetting a few but those are top of my head.

What have you learned through your journey?

know what you stand for. be open to suggestions and critique but don’t compromise your core values also love is the shit!!! like no lie. its cheesy to say love conquers all but when you love what you do. when your surrounded by people who love you. when you treat people with love..thats that shit. (excuse my french)

Talk about your collaboration with Bey Arts gallery. How has that made a difference in your career?

I met Darnell in may just a few months before my first event i was just gonna rent his space but he was so excited by the vibe, and impressed by the turnout that he approached me about doing weekly open mics. well since then we’ve really formed a great friendship. i support him, he supports me. Its definitely made a difference knowing that their is someone in your corner always willing to work with you, who shares your vision.

Who are some of your role models?

I’m going to say my grandmothers both who have passed away.They weren’t big name people but for those who knew them, they had an impact in their lives.They were helpful and loving but sharp tongue and stern, and that’s kind of me.

kreyeWho are some of your frequent collaborators and why do you like working with them?

King Kittee, Bey Arts Gallery, R.E.A.L Music, Empowering Queens.. all keep in touch. Those are my friends and family. I trust them. I believe in them. They speak my language. They know my temperament. They are all outrageously talented and their potential is sick and I love working with some healthy competition. We motivate each other.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by ridiculous stuff like spring time, children’s laughter, the smell of cologne. taking a ride on the bus will make me want to develop a free inner city shuttle day. like nature, human interaction, my own isolation, my son’s funny ass questions and curiosity about everything. really inspires me

So, you have gotten me into meditation, how has that made a difference in your life?

Girl… there is no better thing to do than to just BE. Finding your center is so important. Mediation is like hitting a refresh button on your webpage. Clearing your head, talking your god, talking to the universe. It really helps to make sense of this over saturated life we live

What’s next for you and Kreye Culture?

I plan on bringing the camp back for another year, we are working on a college tour, some top secret programs lol and of course more collaborations with different organizations. the big thing is networking!


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