What the Hell do You Think about Masconsumption? I Want to Know!


Hi Everyone,

As I told you all before I have been on somewhat of a hiatus this summer, for many reasons. During this time I have been  able to give myself time to think, rethink and brainstorm on what was next. I do not do anything if I do not feel that fire inside and passion. I wanted to wait to and take MC into a new phase when I felt I have come up with enough moves that gave me that feeling. Thanks to God, friends and networking I think that I am almost there.

A great help to me is to get your feedback. We have been doing this for years, many events, articles, and more. We have featured and collaborated with over 100 artists. I want to hear from you what you think of the brand, how do you conceptualize it, what have been some of your experiences, how do you think it fits in the concept of the valley arts district?

It will only take five minutes.. please visit http://www.masconsumption.com/submissions and give us all your feedback!

I want to hear from you. Also save the date, the 3rd annual Valley Gala is Sunday January 29, 17 at Hat City Kitchen, the cultural hub of the Valley Arts District.

Much Love, Patricia @valleygirl_NJ



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