Hooray for Hip-Hop!

Hooray for Hip-Hop! 

As Monday’s event approaches, I want this to be more than a party. Let us reminisce about the impact it has had in your life. The first CD I ever bought with my own money, was The Blueprint. I still remember the moment I heard In Da Club for the first time. Funkmaster Flex must’ve played it 100 times. My twin sister and I would spend countless hours listening to Hot 97, we would make mixed tapes. Before mp3, we would wait for our favorite songs to come on the radio and record them.

We lived for host/journalist Angie Martinez interviews, which solidified her as “the voice of the city”.  Her presence in the culture and her work ethic has been a huge inspiration to us. We now, both work in media. At a young age, we saw that this was a sort of a golden age, still referenced today. Listen to some of those iconic artists Monday!

Hip-Hop changed my life and saved countless others.  I am hoping we can change that by connecting with our community for a celebration!

P.S. All Hip-Hop events don’t attract violence.


Upcoming Events:

Hip Hop Summer Series 90’s Edition, Monday, July 25th 8:00pm ft. DJ Anton3z ! $5 cover @ Hat City Kitchen 459 Valley Street Orange New Jersey 07050

Don’t Drop the Mic III, Curated by Sykez Friday, July 29th 6:00pm @ The HUUB 35 Cleaveland Street, Orange New Jersey 07050


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