Tabitha and I were in her car talking on our way from the set, and I was able to show her some of the Valley Arts District. She is new to the community, having just starting working at Hat City Kitchen. She fit right in, having an effortless cool that was mixed with a creative spirit. I noticed in addition to just an overall good vibe she’s beautiful and her hair was half blond and brown.


The Valley Gala was approaching and we needed to begin thinking about shooting the promo for it. I told Bri about her and it was over from there. During our conversation when Tabitha informed me she did not want to do one thing, or go in one lane. I could relate. When I told her about Arts Unbound, her eyes widened because she always wanted to teach either art or speech therapy to disabled people. But at the same time she loves modeling, she makes hats and is artistic in many ways.


I told her it was possible, using the example that just planning the gala included this photo shoot (creative direction, styling), marketing (blogging, promotion), and countless other things it takes to do something like this. I see Tabs being a great addition to our community.

We shot her on a rainy Tuesday morning. Anne Ruby did her hair and make up. We were looking for high bun and dark lip. Tabs brought in a pants suit with good heels. Bri offered good direction and I love the finished photos. The frame you see in the shots were around Ironworks for years and I was always obsessed and have used in previous shoots but this just works. We also picked up the black staircase outside meant to be thrown away. I noticed they were matte black and convinced everyone to let us store it for the photo shoot. They really worked well and I hope everyone thinks so too.

Check them out below and go to for more photographs and behind the scenes exclusives.

gala ag2 copy

Photographed by Briana Heart of Live in Truth Photography & Era Artist Collective 

Behind the Scene photographed by Amonnie Nicholas of Era Artist Collective

Have you gotten you ticket to the Second Annual Valley Gala?


Buy tickets here or at the door: and go to for more information.



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