This past weekend the  Hat City stage had a very interesting mix of genres. Myself and co-workers, Brittany Craig, Ashley Rutledge and Deanna Riley laughed at how different Friday and Saturday night’s vibes were. First the latin band, and of course ending with Brother Valiant. The next night a smooth jazz band named Framework serenaded the restaurant with their more mellow sound.



Going back to Friday night, the vibe was anything but mellow. Once the first band ended and Brother Valiant starting showing up it changed. I came all the way from the Bronx to enjoy them play, without being on the clock. I wanted to finally experience it on the other side and it was amazing. I had a lot of fun. They performed new music and favorites from their self-titled EP. Jules a rapper, who has performed at Hat City before joined them on stage which was surprising and pretty cool. I danced with Deanna all night it seemed and Seindole and met interesting people in my age group. It was nice to see Pat Morrissy there jamming and having a good time. All in all a good night.



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