I almost want to write this post in all CAPITAL LETTERS because I am crushing on Brother Valiant HARD!

Friday night, you could feel the buzz in the air. Entertainment at the Hat was going to be especially good. Stephanie White was singing with the Jersey Soul Review, and she never disappoints, as the Soul Review never does. They played a good mix of jazz and r&b doing some favorite covers like Luther Vandross. The crowd in the lounge, and around the bar were fully engaged into their performance and activley grooved and participated with the performers. Working at Hat City Kitchen it was good to just be able to work and also enjoy the music.

Later that night at 11:00p.m., Brother Valiant hit the stage and it was MAYHEM! All of a sudden the restaurant became packed with a big crowd even outside anticipating their performance. As soon as they started warming up all of their instruments, there are 8 band members who all play, everyone pretty much ran back inside to watch! Tess Rose, shined and Curran rocked his banjo, when they aren’t being rock stars they bar-tend here at Hat City. It was great to see them on stage truly rocking out! The music was amazing and their short set left everyone (including myself) wanting more! Like them on Facebook and please see them any chance you get! I see big things happening for them. Go Bro Val!


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