“WRITER”, a poem inspired by a 16 Year Old Author in New Hampshire

One of the highlights of my trip to the World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire was being able to get a lot of writing done. Being in nature is so inspiring. The best moment however was during fun night. Fun night is a talent show, where people in the camp performed songs, and fortunately

short stories.
An older woman came up and said she was reading a short story her daughter wrote. The story was about an author finding love through her work. The story was amazing. So well written, and captivating. After she ended it she pointed to her daughter, only 16 years old. I could not believe it. Such an amazing story from someone so young. Luckily she shared another one of her poems towards the end of the show, which was equally as compelling. After the show, I made sure to connect with her. And tell her how much I enjoyed the story, and how inspiring it was for me. You can find more of her work here.
The next day, Ray and I were doing the alphabet writing prompt while looking at Mt. Chicoro, and I penned a poem about my experience hearing the 16 year old’s story. Here is the untitled piece:
A writer, writing about a writer.
Beautiful words, telling a lovely story.
Characters in the story falling in love .
Deciding, that you can’t fall in love with the story, but with the writer.
Everyone can like anything.
Favorite things rarely mean it is meant to be.
Gorgeous moments, with the person is what matters.
Human nature.
I’m a writer.
Jaded, yes. But I still write.
Knowledge does not always mean you are older.
Learning and educating others varies with age.
More. more. more.
Never stop writing,
Open my mind, heart, and inspired, I tell her.
People clap, but did they listen?
Quiet was the room, but who heard?
Respect writer’s work.
Thank you for sharing.
Understanding between two writers.
Velvet, experience hearing that story.
Whether or not we meet again, I say thank you.
Exquisite experience, I hope to bring to my writing.
Years from now, I’ll remember the story, a 16 year old writer wrote about another writer.
Zestful story.
by p.r.
The story not only inspired the poem but also the idea for an upcoming e-zine, a short story anthology featuring the alphabet writing prompt. Submit your work, and get featured here.
Since, I have added her on facebook, she moved to Israel the next morning, and shared my poem with her. She loved it! We have now become somewhat pen pals, and share work with each other. Look out for the ABC Series e-zine coming this Fall! All writers and poets, share your work. Also, give this opportunity to anyone who might be interested.


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