A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: “masConsumption is the voice of a new generation…”


“Honestly, I believe we are the generation of creators and doers. You do not have to go to an expensive school or pay companies a lot of money to do a lot of things that there are probably an app for. Computer programs are easier to use, people are learning how to use them at an earlier age. For example, think about how easy it is to create a blog. We are just doing what we want to do. Want to start your own business, or organization. Easy. Here in the Valley, there is a group of young emerging artists that are doers. Passionate, innovative, talented, and uber creative. Eager to learn more, take more risks artistically, really seeing how far they can go, while at the same time wanting to use their skill and experience to give back to their community. We outreach to the next generation.

masConsumption is the voice of this generation, this new era. Big things are happening. It’s similar to the “calm before the storm”. Ideas are brewing, I can tell. It is in the air. Be a part of the movement. I am lucky enough to have a front row seat, but I want to invite all of you to get in the mix. Become a printing sponsor, and be a part of something extraordinary. This zine, (a noncommercial, homemade publication) is created in New Jersey’s Valley Arts District, but is for all audiences. Be inspired.” -P.R.


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