Weekend Roundup: North Jersey Pride, Atlanta Zine Fest & meeting Joanne Douds

The summer is kicking off big! This past weekend was a good one. The word that sums it up is, exposure.

ORNG Ink had a booth at this year’s North Jersey Pride Festival, which took place in Maplewood yesterday. Molly & Mike maned the table while Khari, Cliff, Amonnie and I sold our art, zines and handed out flyers for Inkalicious summer camp, Tatamae Alive and the Hat City Streets Festival. We met a lot of people. Most importantly young, cool people to come to our events this summer. It was a great experience for us, as artists, who will need to learn how to sell ourselves as festivals and whatnot. I can not wait to do it next year.

While I was pushing the spring issue here in New Jersey, it was being tabled at this year’s Atlanta Zine Fest. Thanks to POC Zine project, they made me a zine partner during their tour throughout the end of the year. It is so unbelievable to think people in Atlanta are reading it! Wow! This makes me so much more excited about the summer issue and all the opportunities for masConsumption to grow.

While at the North Jersey Pride Festival, I met a woman named, Joanne who was selling her daughter’s jewelry. I took a second look because we are currently looking for accessories to feature in the fashion show and editorial. I learned that each piece was hand made and one-of-a-kind. Joanne and I talked for a long time and I can not wait to work with her more. Here is one piece that I loved.


Next weekend is the Hat City Streets Festival, Tatamae Alive & the release of the Spring Deluxe issue. Stay tuned!


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