Read P.R.’s Interview with LadiSav!

masConsumption x LadiSav is a match made in heaven, and we appreciate the continued love and support! P.R. sat down with Marie David and discussed the past, present, & future of masConsumption! Here’s a sneak peek:

Patricia and I currently work together over at the Valley Arts District in Orange, New Jersey. One thing I admire about this young lady was her drive and hunger. Luckily for me I was there to for the ride and unveiling of her VERY first publication. I remember reading the Winter 2012 zine and I thought to myself “WOW, she did it!” From the glow in her eyes, it was quite clear that masConsumption was her baby!

masConspumtion ZINE captures the extraordinary happenings here in the Valley of Orange, New Jersey. Her zine is where you can find all the dynamic talent that lie , create and perform in the area.

Read what Patricia had to say below:

The month of April has been a very interesting month for you… You launched and celebrated the second release to your Zine… How does it feel??
-It feels amazing! I can not believe how far masConsumption has come in the last year. I have worked so hard, and it has been a great experience working with my team. The success of the release party last night only makes me more excited about the Summer issue. masConsumption is following through in its mission. You can buy the Winter & Spring issue on

What inspired masConsumption… How did it come about?
-I wanted to create a blog that gave artists & writers a voice. I wanted to provide a platform for them to express themselves and promote the amazing things that they are doing. I know that sometimes, it can seem like you are creating in vain. masConsumption gives artists a place to broadcast their talents and passions.I moved to New Jersey’s Valley Arts District and met the talented artists at ORNG Ink, a non profit studio for emerging artists, I knew that a zine was the right way to go. The zine gives me a chance to merge all of my passions, talents and interests. As well as collaborate and grow with other artists.”

Read the full interview here.
And check out the LadiSav interview in the Spring issue. A must read!


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