We’re Going on Tour! | Atlanta Zine Fest!

The winter and spring issues of masConsumption has been selected to be featured at POC Zine Project‘s table at Atlanta Zine Library’s official Atlanta Zine fest event this weekend. I am so excited and want to thank Daniela Capristrano, and Corvida Raven for their continued support and belief in the masConsumption zine.

Here is a little more information about the Atlanta Zine Library:

Zines are self-published, usually made by photocopier, and have a small-circulation.

The Atlanta Zine Library was started in Summer of 2011 by Amanda, an English student at Georgia State University.

We currently have zines in eight categories: Music, Reference (including catalogs, DIY and info zines),Perzines (personal narrative, or diary-style zines), Politics,Comics, Art, Fiction and Humor. View the AZL catalog here. Updated regularly!

We are re-locating to Hodge Podge Coffeehouse and Gallery (720 Moreland Ave) on Sept. 7th, 2012. Join us for Printed Matter a zine exhibit and fundraiser for the Atlanta Zine Fest + re-opening celebration!

Donations are key to our success, so please consider donating your zines, money or time today!
Send all donations to: P.O. Box 18146, Atlanta, GA, 30316

Members may check out zines on their third visit to the library. Zines are due within one week. Each member also gets free access to events hosted by AZL. We host zine release shows, workshops, and have a limited number of zines for sale. And we offer free scanning services!

POC Zine Project:

POC Zine Project’s mission is to makes ALL zines by POC (People of Color) easy to find, share, and distribute — activism and community through materiality.

POC Zine Project produces community-building experiences, curates a traveling POC zine exhibition, established an archive, and produces a website that shares POC zines while providing grants, tools and events for zinesters.

We are a new organization and appreciate your support. Share this page with your friends and keep an eye out for updates!

Most of the links shared on this Facebook page come from our Tumblr, which has content broken into categories:



This summer is so full of life, and events and more for the zine and my collaborators. I love to see how this project is bringing so many people together. Wait until where we are going to be next summer!

Get the Spring Deluxe issue next Saturday during Khari Rick’s Tatamae Alive art show at ORNG Ink. Visit the masConsumption online store for to purchase online.





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