Summer 2013 is “The Fashion Issue”

Retro Futurism editorial, Spring 2013
Photography: Laura Campbell

I always have so much going on. Never ending projects because of my many interests. Fashion being one of them! I try to do a fashion show every summer, and this year we are doing it big! I have called out to fashion bloggers, stylists, and more to contribute to the issue with all kinds of diverse fashion and style stories. We have also formed the most dynamic creative team (including Laura Campbell, Briana Heart, Kat Dolly and more!) to tackle the fashion show happening at ORNG Ink’s annual art block party, Inkalicious! The show ties in with current Pat ‘n’ Kat style projects, the summer editorial and masConsumption etsy shop. There is so much going on, I want to burst with more details…but you gotta just be patient and stay tuned. The fashion show and summer 2013 debut is happening Saturday, August 10 at ORNG Ink!


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