Rooflines new blogger!

How do I describe Molly? What does she do? Everything. I have never met a more compassionate and warm soul. She’s intelligent, funny, and knows to tell a story. She is a community organizer, ORNG Ink program director, and she is on masConsumption’s editorial board. She is also featured as a community story-teller in Mindy Fullilove’s new book, Urban Alchemy. Now we can add, Rooflines, The Shelterforce blog onto her resume.

Read her first story, The ‘Art’ of Public Planning here.

And here is her bio:

Molly Rose Kaufman

Molly Rose Kaufman is a journalist and community organizer based in Orange, NJ.  She currently serves as provost of the University of Orange, a free people’s university that specializes in teaching urbanism, and she is the programming director at ORNG Ink, a youth-led. user driven arts collective.

Photography: Laura Campbell



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