HANDS Print Spring 2013 Newsletter

Hey all my Valley folk! Are you on HANDS, Inc.’s mailing list? The non-profit organization has a quarterly newsletter, and the Spring one is here! Jessica did an amazing job capturing everything that has been going on with HANDS, and in the Valley Arts District, here in Orange, NJ. I recently met with executive director, Patrick Morrissy about an open space project for the Valley. Art will soon be EVERYWHERE!

For those of you that haven’t read it here is the,

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends, supporters, partners and residents,

HANDS is igniting an Innovation Movement in Orange.

  • There’s an incredible live music scene six nights a week at Hat City Kitchen.
  • We have an edgy, avant-garde theater at Luna Stage on Valley Road.
  • If you haven’t been to an event at the Ironworks Community Artist Center on Tompkins Street you don’t know what you’re missing. ORNG Ink, the young artist organization is run by a group of artists-in-residence who are the mentors to middle school and high school aged aspiring artists.
  • How many urban high schools have a greenhouse classroom where students learn botany, nutrition and entrepreneurship? Orange High School has one.
  • Orange is a Food Hub with an incredibly diverse selection restaurants and some amazing food production – Andrea Italian food specialties, Lagniappe seafood and Zen Bakeries.
  • Have you taken a course at University of Orange? You should definitely enroll.
  • There’s an expanding group of people with inspiration and vision that are driving this Innovation Movement. Action plans are set into place under the banner of Creative Orange to keep this momentum growing and make Orange the type of place that everyone wants to come to and nobody wants to leave.

If you’re not a part of this Movement, you should be!

Patrick Morrissy

HANDS Director

In this issue she talks about: the Creative Orange conference I attended, the upcoming Hat City Streets Festival next Saturday, the next Show of HANDS walking tour, and the Meet the Neighbor featuring ValleyArts, Inc’s Richard Bryant. Make sure you go to handsinc.org and sign up!


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