A Call for Artists! (North Newark Urban Garden, NJ)

North Newark Urban Garden

Outdoor Art Display

May-October 2013

North Newark Urban Garden at 250 Garside Street seeks creative artwork to a plant, insect or nature themed exhibit(s) for its 2013 temporary outdoor display.

North Newark Urban Garden

We are a committed to build a group of individuals to improve the appearance of our neighborhood and create a bond with our neighbors, and teach children the importance of where food comes from.  Situated at 250 Garside Street,  the vacant lot is intended to become a community garden.  The Gardens’ goal to show the community  how to have beautiful and practical garden in the neighborhood, without the use of chemicals, incorporate more plants into your diet and use the supermarket less.

The garden is adopted by Marieliz Monclova,  and she wants to provide the opportunity for year-round learning through education programs and special events.

North Newark Urban Garden’s theme is “Healthy Living While Beautifying Our Neighborhood” and its purpose is to inspire environmental sensitivity and sustainability.

Exhibition Description

From Sunday, May 5 through Sunday, October 20, 2013, North Newark Urban Garden will display the work of arts of students and artists in the neighboring community.   This garden  will feature outdoor garden artwork  interpreted from or inspired by plants, insects, and nature created by students in the neighboring schools.

Artists will be selected through a first come-first serve basis until we are able to exhibit one to nine that encourages neighbors to bond and to explore the “community garden.”   The students and/or artists should draw  upon ideas of beautiful trees, flowers, plants, insects, fruits, vegetables and other natural wonders that surround us every day in a garden. Though not required, we encourage artists to consider the use of sustainable products to fabricate their work to ensure that the project has minimal impact on the environment, and will offer additional interpretive and educational opportunities related to resource conservation.

The objective of the outdoor display would be:

·         To inspire the community with the beauty of plants

·         To increase awareness of the community garden

·         To promote North Newark Urban Garden and it’s mission

·         To educate the public about eating healthy

·         To create and promote partnerships among local business, and other cultural organizations
To showcase the work of our students locally

Selection Process & Criteria

The request for artwork is coordinated by North Newark Urban Garden. To ensure  the highest quality exhibition,  I will only accept artwork from those who responded by April 29, 2013.  North Newark Urban Garden reserves the right to use any and all images, renderings, and models for the promotion of the exhibition in print or electronic formats. The art must be designed to be withstand outdoor heat and rain of  the summer, it must appeal to the families.

Guidelines & Responsibilities

The work must be original and suitable for outdoor display in adverse weather conditions.   Work must be appropriate for viewing by visitors of all ages.  A work must be able to be installed on available sites, some in grassy areas, both sloping and flat, and some in garden beds.

Artists are responsible for all costs.  It is the responsibility of the artist/company to arrange for the installation of artwork at the Garden between May 5, 2013 and May 26, 2013 and to completely remove it between October 21 and October 23, 2013.

North Newark Urban Garden reserves the right to photograph and reproduce images of the work for marketing and educational materials.

Please respond to the following with information about the proposed artwork by April 29, 2013, by phone message or electronic format.  Provide name of company, school, name, when do you think the work will be ready.

Contact Information :

Please direct all inquiries to:

Marieliz Monclova

North Newark Urban Garden

248-250 Garside St.

Newark, NJ 07104

Phone: 862- 218-0330



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