Creative Orange: Truly Inspiring

Creative Orange: Call to Collaboration
Creative Orange: Call to Collaboration

Last Friday & Saturday I attended Creative Orange: A Call for Collaboration at the Church of Epiphany. The event was sponsored by neighborhood revitalization organization, HANDS, Inc. and ValleyArts, Inc. Both nonprofit organizations are dedicated to revitalizing the city of Orange, and neighboring West Orange through the arts and entrepreneurship.

I went with Ray, Molly, Mike, and Naeema from ORNG ink. It was very informative, and  inspiring. The “open space” format made it easy to remain engaged, and feel like you were really being heard. The group came up with the topics that were to be discussed, and you had the freedom to walk around and meet with other groups and here what they were talking about.

I sat in on two questions, How do we make the city of Orange more open to newcomers or those who may consider themselves “outsiders”? and How can we nurture youth leadership in Orange? The first discussion interested me in particular, because I have lived in the Valley of Orange for almost a year, coming from New York City. I was interested in how other people felt coming into the emerging city, and if it was the same experience as mine. I felt very welcomed, and jumped right into being a part of the arts revitalization. I obviously was all about the youth leadership questions because I work with ORNG ink, the breeding ground for young leaders, and have always felt that it was important to give young people a voice and the power to use it. I have been a youth leader since I was eleven years old, and even at 23 I feel compelled to always stand for something and to always believe.

I had the chance to meet a lot of dynamic people in not just the arts community in the Valley but game changers in all disciplines, and all over the city of Orange. Mayor Warren was even in attendance, as well as HANDS, Inc. director, Patrick Morrissy and ValleyArts,Inc. director, Richard Bryant.

I can not wait to incorporate all that I’ve learned into the future of masConsumption.


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